Not so long ago the only way to source an office was to secure a long term lease which was inflexible, cost a fortune to set up and had a hefty dilapidation charge at the end. You also had to manage the day to day running of the office yourself which cost time and money. However times have changed. Now more and more companies are opting for the flexible office route. Start-ups, SME’s and especially large corporate blue chips enterprises do not find the conventional leasing model appealing anymore.

Companies are seeing the logic of a deal in which, they can occupy space for as long or short a period as they like, with everything from furniture, reception services, security to coffee included. A shift of mindset has also taken place: the frumpy “serviced office” has become the fashionable “co-working space”, where creative minds meet.

Below are the advantages of taking a flexible office solution:


You can now go out and find your office in the location you want and move in the following day. A serviced office / flexible office gives you this option. The office is practically ‘plug and play.’ The furniture will be included and set up how you wish. There is already an IT infrastructure in place so you can connect and start working within minutes of arriving.


The serviced office / flexible office offering couldn’t be priced any easier. The idea being that any office outlay is built into the monthly licence fee. You therefore don’t have to worry about setting up and paying for the utilities, hiring a cleaner / contractor to service the office. You don’t even have to go out and buy milk anymore for the office. All these are included and factored into the monthly cost. This will lead to fixed pricing, easy budgeting and save you time and money overall.


It’s in the name… flexible Office. It basically does what it says on the tin. You as the client can determine the length of term. Gone are the day where you have to commit for a long term lease. Now you can secure a serviced office for a 3 – 12 month period. With business needs changing on a daily basis in this market the ability to scale up or scale down is crucial.


Most serviced office companies have multiple locations. Regus for example have over 3,000 around the world. As a client of a serviced office provider you generally will have access to their entire portfolio. You can therefore meet a client in your Dublin business centre on a Monday and meet a client in a Los Angeles business centre on a Tuesday.


Being part of a flexible office provider is more than just an office. You are now part of a community. More and more providers are putting on weekly events and encouraging their client base to network with each other. Your next big deal or investor could be in the office next to you.

Contact Irish Office Space on +353 1 556 3590 to discuss any office requirements you may have. We’d be delighted to give you an overview of the Irish flexible office market.

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