Finding the right kind of office space to rent can be a little tricky in any city. If you have your heart set on Dublin then it’s important that you consider all of the options available and what type of office environment suits you best. Below we share five common mistakes that you don’t want to make when finding an office space for rent in Dublin.

Not considering the location

Location is one of the most important factors to consider. Do you want an office in the heart of the city, or would you prefer to work in the outskirts? For many, the better option is in the centre of the city. This will make it easier to attract clients and future employees as you are near other businesses, transport links, and amenities, and it’s easier for staff to commute to.

Function not fashion

You should not base your final decision on looks alone. The function should always be more important than fashion and aesthetics. It is productivity that drives every business and to achieve this you need a space that will function for you. So when viewing the office space, walk through how it will function for you and your employees.

Not asking if it is accessible?

Do not make the mistake of choosing an office space with poor accessibility. This not only means accessibility for all members of staff with a disability but also in terms of accessibility during the weekends and evenings. An accessible working office is a productive one.

Not factoring in the breakout space

Another common mistake is not choosing an office that has a breakout space, either as part of the rental offer or as a shared space. The breakout space is hugely important and should not be overlooked as it bridges the gap between work and leisure.

Not checking the facilities

This is a huge mistake as it is vital that you consider all of the amnesties, not just if there are enough plug sockets. Find out if there is any technical support on offer, that the WiFi connection is strong, and if there are changing rooms. Be sure to do your homework.

Here at Irish Office Space, we can help you to avoid those costly mistakes. We can help you to find the right office space for rent in Dublin to meet your business needs. To learn more about how we can help you please get in touch with us today.

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