Finding short term office space for your small or midsize enterprise can be simple as long as you know what you are looking for. You can easily begin your search online and find Dublin office space for lease, but narrowing your options can be a little trickier. Make your search a straightforward one by considering these options before you begin.


Decide on a rough location of your Irish office space as a starting factor. You should also consider the surrounding area of the office, and make sure it is easily accessible by public transport, with plenty of parking options. Take a look at the amenities around, are there places to eat or buy food? Do you want your employees to have access to a gym?


The next most important factor is how many people are in your company. Consider how much space each person or desk should have and do some maths to estimate the ideal size of the office space. Ireland has a wide array of office spaces for those with large, small, and mid-sized companies.

Office space style

Your short term office space should also reflect your company and brand. Do you want an open plan and modern, or more classic and traditional, with multiple rooms? Flexible office space that you are able to put your stamp on may be an important factor for you, and you can also enquire about furnished and unfurnished options.

Lease & contract

Office space for rent in Dublin often comes in long term leases, but there are many short term leases available too. Begin a conversation about possible lease and contract options, and go over details like furnishings. A simple 12-month contract with furnished office space may be the ideal choice for your company.

Once you have established all of these factors, begin your search for office space to rent. Dublin is a vibrant and opportunity-filled city for your company to thrive, and starting off with a short term lease can prove beneficial for the future. As your company grows, you can enlarge your office space, as well as learn about features that do and don’t work for you. If you’re looking for short term office space solutions, get in touch now to see how we can help.

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